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Charging ahead In America’s heartland, an organization established almost 100 years ago is the first choice many farmers turn to for top-quality, U.S.-made electric fencing products: Parker McCrory Mfg. Co. FormedStory and photos by Chris Villines
Tie-outs and family ties In the livestock barns, family and pit crew ensure the showman and animal are ready to perform. Like stage crew in a play, each has a different role, so when the calf or lamb walks into the ring they Story and photos by Hannah Nave
High yield Jim Moore is reaping the benefits of his first bumper crop of FSG 5060OG Orchardgrass. The veteran dairyman, who farms alongside brother Jack, his son, Chad, and son-in-law Clay Richardson, sowed 22 aStory and photos by Glen Liford
Plot partners Whether serving a land owner or manager, small beef producer, large crop producer, or pet owner, Co-op aims to meet a person’s needs in a convenient, cost-efficient way. And throughout the Volunteer SStory and photos by Hannah Nave and Chris Villines
$152 million and counting Since 2005, the state’s farmers have received significant savings — more than $152 million — for upgrades and improvements to their operations thanks to the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program Story by Sarah Geyer; photos by Sarah Geyer, Glen Liford, and Chris Villines

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