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Hens require proper nutrition for high-quality eggs Most of us eat eggs, but rarely do we consider what goes into the making of one. On average, a hen will lay one egg per day. The process of making an egg takes approximately 25 hours from start to finBy Dr. Jennifer Earing, TFC Nutritionist
Count on Co-op for garden supplies, expertise Vegetable gardening has historically had its ups and downs. As far back as the pilgrims, nearly everybody was a gardener. Because people grew food to survive, they developed their own gardening skillsBy Dawn Matlock, Home, Lawn, Specialty Product Manager
Weed problems will follow the drought The drought during last summer and fall was devastating on many pastures across the state. The lack of forage caused many producers to begin feeding hay one to two months ahead of normal. The impact oBy Dr . Gary Bates Director, UT Beef and Forage Center
Cattle need more than magnesium Warmer days and more hours of daylight will be a welcome sight for cattlemen who have battled the cold and mud this winter. Spring pastures will soon follow, bringing with them the potential for grassBy Royce Towns, TFC Nutritionist

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